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We can’t blame you if you’ve never heard of this dog breed before because there aren’t many around. Plus, most times folks see one, they’ll often mistake them for another “kind” dog like a Giant Schnauzer or a Kelly Blue Terrier. But don’t let their scarcity confuse you and make you think that because there [...]

Chances are, if you already know about the Chart Polski dog breed, you’re either from Poland or know a lot about dogs! This is because the Chart Polski is a pretty rare dog breed, which means that getting your hands on one will probably be difficult. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump at the [...]

Best Diet Cat Food for Overweight Cats

Has your kitty gained a lot of weight recently?   Obesity is one of the significant problems for domestic indoor cats, and over 25% of cats come in the obese category. Of course, a more substantial percentage of cats also go in the overweight variety. Excessive weight gain comes with many problems, such as hormonal [...]

Cleft Palate in Dogs

Here at IndulgeYourPet, we like to discuss “all aspects” of pet ownership, which is why we sometimes find ourselves writing about medical conditions that affect not only our “four-legged” loved ones but also conditions that can affect the “human world” as well. This is precisely the case when discussing a cleft palate or a cleft [...]

Best Kitten Food

Are you seeking the best kitten food for your adorable little fur ball? Kittenhood is a crucial time in a cat’s life when the cat’s body and brain are developing rapidly. So, it is evident that a kitten needs the best nutrition you can offer to create and live a long and happy life. It [...]

Best Dog Treats

Are you looking for some healthy dog treats for your furry companion? Everyone who has a dog knows just how much they love their treats. However, if you are conscious of your dog’s health, you’d know that some treats contain many calories and can only be given occasionally. However, treats are essential when you’re training [...]

Korat Cat… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

Korat cat breed

The Korat cat is one of those cat breeds where when you look at them, you get the idea that they “know” something that you don’t! Or, to put it another way, they’re not a “silly” type of cat. These guys will have a quiet and severe mood about them, and while they may not [...]

Top 10 Best Rated Puppy Food Brands

best rated puppy dog food

Do you want your puppy to be happy and healthy for life? For your puppy to have a long and healthy life, eating the right food for adequate nutrition is essential. Since puppies are at a growing stage, it is necessary to feed them quality food while their bodies are developing and maturing. There are [...]

When you look at a Cirneco dell Etna dog, you don’t have to spend much time trying to “guess” what these dogs are good at. After all, even when standing still, it looks like they are traveling a million miles an hour. Combined with their keen eyesight and constant state of “alertness,” it’s no wonder [...]

Chronic Active Hepatitis in Dogs

Now, you’ve probably heard of humans having hepatitis, but did you know that dogs can suffer from chronic active hepatitis (CAH) as well? Also known as… Chronic canine inflammatory hepatic disease (CCIHD) or Lupoid hepatitis, Or canine hepatitis, Chronic Active Hepatitis (CAH) is a disease of your dog’s liver. And since we here at IndulgeYourPet [...]