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A Perineal Hernia in Dogs is unfortunately fairly common, it happens to older and middle-aged dogs later in their life, when muscular weakness in the back end can cause some of the dog’s intestines to peep out of the Perineal area. Now… To you and me, the Perineal area is the part of the dog [...]

While we’re probably sure that most folks have no idea what the medical condition known as sacrocaudal dysgenesis is, we’re even more sure that if you don’t own a “tailless dog” there is probably zero chance of you knowing what this medical condition is. And why should you… After all, Sacrocaudal Dysgenisis is a medical [...]

While pyloric Stenosis is a condition that can affect cats, it is far more common in dogs which is why we’re going to focus our discussion on our canine friends. That said however… Much of the information discuss below will be equally applicable to our feline friends so if you feel that your cat may [...]

My Dog Won’t Share!.. Resource Guarding in Dogs.

Resource Guarding in Dogs is fairly common particularly among dogs who have grown up with many other pets in the family. They may be used to guarding their food simply because it was the only way to get anything to eat in the past. On the other hand… This is a genuine medical condition which [...]

Something we feel pretty safe assuming is that most folks don’t know that some dogs retain their deciduous Teeth or “baby” teeth. In fact… It’s not as uncommon as you would think, particularly among dogs with very small jaws. And while it may not seem like a big deal, this is actually considered a periodontal [...]

Reversed Sneezing, though funny sounding, is a real medical condition and one that’s not all that uncommon. That said however… It’s a “bit” of a stretch to call reverse sneezing a disease, because in truth, it’s more of an episodic condition that results in your dog making some pretty hilarious noises. Considered a benign condition [...]

Rodenticide Toxicity in Dogs can happen to any pup and given the growing number of rats and rat exterminators in our cities there is an increasingly high chance that it might happen to your dog. This is why… We wanted to take a moment and discuss exactly what signs you should look for in the [...]

Rattlesnake Envenomation in Dogs (which is the fancy term for rattlesnake poisoning) is a bit of an area specific condition. Which means that… This is probably something you only really need to worry about in certain areas of the country/world. Unless you happen to keep a Rattlesnake as a pet, in which case you should [...]

Perianal Fistula in dogs is about as horrible as it sounds. Perianal Fistula in dogs… Is a condition which affects a dog in one of the most heart wrenching ways, you see this is a term used to describe an infection of a dog’s anal glands. Which causes the… Affected dog to suffer from itching, [...]

Perianal Adenoma in dogs presents as lumps around the rear end. These lumps are benign tumors that occur in male dogs that are still considered to be ‘intact males’… if you catch our drift. You see… Perianal tumors are tumors that grow around the dog’s anal sac and are relatively harmless, if inconvenient and unsightly. [...]