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Cleft Palate in Dogs

Here at IndulgeYourPet, we like to discuss “all aspects” of pet ownership, which is why we sometimes find ourselves writing about medical conditions that affect not only our “four-legged” loved ones but also conditions that can affect the “human world” as well. This is precisely the case when discussing a cleft palate or a cleft [...]

Chronic Active Hepatitis in Dogs

Now, you’ve probably heard of humans having hepatitis, but did you know that dogs can suffer from chronic active hepatitis (CAH) as well? Also known as… Chronic canine inflammatory hepatic disease (CCIHD) or Lupoid hepatitis, Or canine hepatitis, Chronic Active Hepatitis (CAH) is a disease of your dog’s liver. And since we here at IndulgeYourPet [...]

If you know anything about dog health, it’s probably that chocolate toxicity in Dogs can be deadly. No, this isn’t some “urban legend”; chocolate can kill your pet! But what does it all mean? Is a single chocolate chip poisonous to dogs? Does chocolate react the same way in all dog breeds? How much chocolate [...]

If you’re not a veterinarian or any “aspiring” veterinarian, chances are that cryptorchidism in dogs is probably not a medical condition you’re all familiar with. Heck. Most of us will have a difficult time even pronouncing this term, let alone being able to define it. This is why we wanted to take a moment and [...]

As a pet owner, it’s often up to us to be the first person in your dog’s life to recognize that something isn’t “right” about their health. After all, there shouldn’t be anyone in a better situation to notice subtle changes in your dog’s appearance or behavior, which is why we here at IndulgeYourPet like [...]

If you’re an NFL fan or have a passion for playing fantasy football with your friends, we here at IndulgeYourPet don’t need to tell you how “disastrous” an ACL injury can be to your team and season. But can dogs suffer from an ACL injury as well? This is the question that we will “attempt” [...]

Corns on Dog Paws… How to diagnose and treat.

Usually, when we discuss the topic of “corn” concerning dogs, we refer to their diet. It is difficult for dogs to digest and process Corn unless it has been appropriately refined; in this case, we’re not talking about the “food” corn or maize we eat. In this case, we’re talking about a “corn” (ortho keratotic [...]

Corneal Dystrophy in Dogs

Corneal dystrophy is a fancy medical term to describe a relatively common disease many dog breeds can suffer from. And because this is an inheritable disease, we wanted to take a moment and discuss exactly what it is, how it’s diagnosed, and some ways it can be treated. We’ll also want to discuss some of [...]

Osteosarcoma in dogs is the most common form of Bone cancer, and like any cancer, it is a terrible disease that will leave your poor pup in pain. It is considered one of the most aggressive types of Sarcoma that exist, and tumors caused by this horrible disease spread even to boneless parts of the [...]

Otitis in Dogs… Symptoms, expectations and costs!

Otitis in dogs is a condition that describes the inflammation of the ear.  It is not specific to dogs and cats; humans and other animals can all catch it. It is separated into three variations which involve the outer, middle, and inner ear processes.  This disease sounds much worse than it is since it is [...]