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Chart Polski Dog Breed… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

Chances are, if you already know about the Chart Polski dog breed, you’re either from Poland or know a lot about dogs! This is because the Chart Polski is a pretty rare dog breed, which means that getting your hands on one will probably be difficult. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jump at the chance of owning one if you get a chance because they, indeed, are magnificent animals and can be a fantastic addition to the right family.

This is why…

We wanted to take a moment and discuss some of the pros and cons of owning a Chart Polski dog so that if you’re ever given the chance to own one, you’ll have a better idea of whether adding a Chart Polski to your family is a good move or not.

Chart Polski Fast Facts

Country of Origin:  Poland

Original Purpose:  Hunt small to medium game

Height:  Approximately 30 inches tall.

Weight: 60 to 90 pounds

Dog Breed Class:  Hound group

Origin of the Char Polski

Originating out of Poland, the Chart Polski is believed to have originated from an ancient breed of “sighthounds” or “sight hounds” known as the Asiatic sighthounds (of the Saluki type). The earliest remains of these “types” of dogs have been found in excavated ruins dating as far back as 6-8,000 BC – so your Chart Polski’s ancestors have roamed the Earth for almost as long as we have… indeed man’s best friend. He might have been a hunting dog once, but nowadays, it is far more likely that you will find him occupying the role of companion dog.

It is thought that…

The Chart Polski “type” of Sighthound was first bred around the 16th century, but the breed failed in popularity throughout the years. Then, in the 1980s, Polish dog breeders decided to “reclaim” their beloved Greyhound “type” breed and actively tried to re-introduce the Chart Polski to the world.

Belonging to the hound group of dogs, the Chart Polski was almost neglected to the point of going extinct – but Polski lovers everywhere wouldn’t let that happen. The Chart Polski Association of America was set up in the nineties to promote the breed, but so far, they have not been fully recognized by the American Kennel Club.


The United Kennel Club recognized the breed and set the Breed Standard in 1996. The Chart Polski has also been officially classed as a Sighthound by the Federation Cynologique Internationale. Now, for those unfamiliar with the term “sighthound” or “sighthound,” it allows us to briefly define the time here because knowing the meaning will give you an idea of how most Chart Polski’s will behave. You see, most “hunting” dogs will either hunt by “scent,” or they will hunt by “sight”.


Are dogs that hunt my sight? As a result, these dogs will tend to be built for speed and looking off into the horizon, constantly being on alert and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

So, what will your Chart Polski look like?

That’s undoubtedly a more straightforward question: Where did the Chart Polski originate from? Because, like most sighthounds, the Chart Polski will be a dog that looks like it was built for speed. In other words, chart Polski’s are similar in appearance to a typical Greyhound. However, they tend to be bigger and more muscular as they have been bred to develop these qualities. If he is a healthy dog, he shouldn’t weigh more than 95 pounds and stand about 30 inches from the ground, give or take.

As you can see…

Chart Polski’s are large dogs, though not so large that they will eat you out of the house and home. He also has a dolichocephalic (long skull) shaped head and will tend to have a lean Greyhound neck and body shape but with added bulk here and there. Their fur will be easily managed as it will be a short coat in various colors, but you’ll often find them mixed with white, whatever the color.

This Polish hunting dog is one of those breeds that will sprint at any given opportunity… be prepared for that, or you might get swept off your feet!

Personality and Temperament

Your Chart Polski might look like a Greyhound, walk like a Greyhound, and sound like a Greyhound – but when it comes to temperament, he couldn’t be more different from his somewhat tame little cousin.

Your Chart Polski…

He will likely be very territorial and protective of his lot, including his family. Unlike the gentle Greyhound or other fiercer breeds of Sighthound, the Polski is likelier to ignore you for most of the day and only come to you when he needs something. He will be interested to the point that it is best to walk him on a lead in case he bolts after something – and if he does run, you will never catch him, so he needs an owner with a firm but fair hand.


Because of this independence streak, you should expect your Chart Polski to be a bit difficult to train; however, if they are being given enough time to exercise and are not left around the home too much, we think you’ll find that we will be accommodating to a certain extent (that is of course when it suits them).

Lastly, when discussing Chart Polski’s temperament, it’s fair to say they are “OK” when including them in a household with other dogs and younger children. However, their hunting instinct may be a bit too overpowering when it comes to mixing these guys into a home with cats.

Potential Health Concerns

The Chart Polski dog breed is a working dog breed from hardy stock. As a result, they have relatively few problems considering how long the species has been in existence. That said, however, they may develop conditions such as:

  • Cancer, they tend to suffer from
  • Hip Dysplasia, like most larger dogs
  • And they are also subject to stomach-turning or Bloat.

It is doubtful that you’ll stumble upon a Chart Polski dog breed in a puppy farm – but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when buying your Chart Polski – especially if you are buying from abroad. You should be able to transport a dog safely over an airline, but that doesn’t mean the pet won’t be scared, so consider carefully before you commit to purchasing this breed and shipping him out to America…

If your breeder gives…

If you have any reason to be suspicious, do not buy – and certainly don’t send cash over to Europe until you are sure there is no scam involved. The UKC should be able to provide you with a list of approved breeders should you struggle to find a place to buy this breed.

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Will a pet insurance policy be suitable for everyone?

Probably not. But until you know exactly what they “will” and “won’t” cover and what they cost, you won’t know whether or not it makes sense for you.

The excellent news is…

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