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The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier (Wheaties) is a terrier that is a little bit gentler in nature as well as to touch, a ‘terrier light’ per-say. You see… Wheaties are generally known for being happy and affectionate dogs but they are also a bit stubborn and will most definitely chase down the neighborhood cats and [...]

Here’s a dog that in our looks just like an adorable little old man with a fluffy beard and the cutest (albeit a bit “unkept”) eyebrows. “They do, don’t they?!” But this isn’t… The only reason why someone might fall in love with this dog breed.  You see, there are many other reasons why you [...]

Okay, let’s be honest here… The Otterhound Dog is probably not going to be considered the most attractive dog breed in the world.  Although, one might argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because while… One might not use the word “beautiful” to describe him or her, we here at IndulgeYourPet, could [...]

The perfect family dog! If you ask us here at IndulgeYourPet, we seriously believe that the Old English Sheepdog (OES) is perhaps the friendliest of all dog breeds out there. And sure… There will be those out there that may want to argue with us about this but it’s tough to argue that they’re not [...]

Never heard of a Sloughi dog before?  Well that’s alright, you’re not alone there, because they’re not all that well known.  In fact, they’re actually pretty hard to find!  This is why we wanted to take a moment and discuss this very unique breed so that if you ever get a chance to own one, [...]

He is like a supermodel among dogs… We say this because we here at IndulgeYourPet happen to feel tha the Papillon Dog is one of the best looking or at least cutest looking dog breeds out there!  But this just is so much more than a pretty face with amazing looking ears! He’s also a… [...]

Isn’t he a handsome devil? The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, or Toller, as he is also called, is certainly a good looking dog breed. But we’ve got to tell you, these guys are much more than a “pretty face” because on top of their good looks, they’re also quite intelligent! Which makes them… Quite [...]

Faithful and friendly… That’s the Norwich Terrier Dog.  This is one of the reasons why we here at IndulgeYourPet love these little guys.  But just because we love these little guys doesn’t mean that they’re automatically going to be “right” for you. For this reason… We wanted to take a moment and talk about the [...]

Now, here’s an unusual dog… Especially considering that at first glance, they don’t appear all that strange.  But don’t let these words give you the wrong impression because here at IndulgeYourPet, we love the “unusual” and are particularly fond of the “odd”! So, let’ us explain… You see, the Norwegian Lundehund is one of the [...]

Here’s a dog you may not be familiar with, that is of course unless you’re from Norway where these guys are actually the national dog.  A title that they have earned for very good reason! And one that… Hopefully we’ll be able to shed some light on after reading our article all about the Norwegian [...]