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Graceful; Beautiful; Classy; Elegant It’s so easy to run out of adjectives when describing the Samoyed Dog Breed, one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever see. His pristine white coat and regal mannerisms make him stand out in a crowd. The Samoyed is from Siberia in Russia, one of the coldest parts of [...]

The Little Black Devil (LBD) That’s what they call the Schipperke Dog Breed. This little guy from Belgium gets a bad rep because he is so clever and independent minded. Or to put… It another way, this little guy is not an easy dog to control, especially if you are a new dog owner. He [...]

They call him the Teddy Bear Dog! You can see why – the Schnoodle is one of the most adorable little dogs you will see. He is an intelligent dog, alert and a bit of a joker. You can’t help laughing at some of the things he does, even when you’re in a bad mood. [...]

One of the Largest Dog Breeds! There are large breeds and there are large breeds. But few like this gentle giant: the Scottish Deerhound. Have a good look at this enormous sighthound, almost as big as the Great Dane, if not bigger. But beyond all that… There is something noble and heroic about the Deerhound [...]

He is a natural born hunter! Saluki Dog Breed does not fool around. This is a ruthless hunting dog that is of course if you the “target” of his or her attention or isn’t’ considered one of his pack. You see… Like many other sighthound breeds, these guys were once basically a wolf that was [...]

The Gentle Giant The Saint Bernard Dog Breed is BIG! This dog stands up to a height of 27.5 inches at the shoulder level, and weighs 180 pounds. And yet there is no menace or threat about them – these are remarkably gentle dogs, especially docile around children. Indeed… Every dog owner has a story [...]

Obviously, he is a BIG fella! In fact, the Rottweiler Dog breed is a massive one if you really think about it. Plus, on top of their sheer size, their also quite muscular and can be compared to a bouncer at a nightclub. Now… Whether he turns out to be a monster of a dog [...]

The Polish Lowland Sheepdog or PON (which some folks like call them) kind of looks like an emoji dog. With long hair flopping in its eyes, this guy may not be the most popular breed in the American Kennel Club, but he’s still one of the cutest in our humble opinion. But is cute enough [...]

An impressive physical specimen…. That’s the Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is one heck of a good looking beast and he knows it. Large, powerful, supremely athletic, blessed with incredible stamina.  This is a Lord among Dogs. What’s more… …The Rhodesian Ridgeback is not only big and strong, he is intelligent too. He is a very smart [...]

He is a handsome devil! The Redbone Coonhound Dog Breed has looks that could kill. But let us assure you that these guys are much more than just a handsome package.  You see, these guys are truly a marvelous physical specimen, blessed with supremely athletic attributes that allow them to excel at just about all [...]