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Samoyed Dog Breed… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

Graceful; Beautiful; Classy; Elegant

It’s easy to run out of adjectives when describing the Samoyed Dog Breed, one of the most beautiful dogs you will ever see. His pristine white coat and regal mannerisms make him stand out in a crowd.

The Samoyed is from Siberia in Russia, one of the coldest parts of the world. He is also an expensive dog, one of the most exclusive breeds that is worth every $$$ you spend on him.


The word Samoyed is pronounced as “Sam-a-YED.” Some people call him “Sa-MOY-ed,” which is not correct. His nicknames include Sammy and Smiling Sammie – because of his charming, easygoing personality and the permanent smile on his face.

 Is Samoyed the one for you?

The Samoyed is a perfect family dog. He can be a decent guard dog if he has to be, but his primary role these days is to be a loving family pet or companion dog. He is a devoted family dog, affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and funny, and makes for a great playmate for the kids.  However, Samoyed puppies are vulnerable to a dangerous inherited disease called Samoyed Hereditary glomerulopathy. This is a deadly X-linked dominant genetic disorder that affects male dogs only.

X linked dominant

This means there is a mutation in the X chromosome.

The affected male puppy appears to be perfectly okay during the first three months of its life, but after that, it stops growing and becomes thinner and thinner. Death is inevitable and occurs when the puppy is 15 months old.

What can you do about it?

Always get the Samoyed puppy from a reputable breeder. Good Samoyed Breeders will be sure to get Genetic Diversity testing done for the puppy. You can trust them completely.


Consider bringing a Samoyed Rescue Dog home from the local animal shelter. Rescue dogs have been through a lot of suffering. Can you provide them with a loving home?

You can read the rest of this article to learn more about this beautiful dog breed.

Samoyed Dog Breed

Country of Origin: Russia

Original Purpose:  Herding livestock, guardian

Height: 19 to 23.5 inches

Weight: 50 to 60 pounds

Dog Breed Classification:  Working group

Life Span: 12 to 14 years

Origin of the Samoyed Dog Breed

The Samoyed is from Siberia, Russia, one of the most inhospitable parts of the world. They are named after the tribe that bred them – wandering nomads called the Samoyed people.

The Samoyed people…

They lived a rough life. They were hated by every other tribe in Siberia and pushed to the very edge of the Arctic Circle. They lived in a world with nothing but snow and ice with only this strong, loyal medium-sized dog for support.  The Samoyeds are one of the oldest purebred dog breeds. They have the most amazing genes, which have remained consistent for over 5,000 years.

They can tolerate extreme cold… which is why they have been on every Arctic and Antarctic exploration team.

Queen Alexandra of England

I was a big admirer of this dog breed. The Samoyed was first brought to the United States in the early 20th century and made an impact immediately. This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1906.

 Physical Characteristics

The Samoyed is a short-legged dog. The Breed Standard is 19 to 23.5 inches tall and 50 to 60 pounds.  He may be compared to medium-sized dogs such as the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, and the Great Pyrenees.

He is…

Firm, lovely to look at, moves with grace and has a powerful, muscular physique. He has a thick white colored coat tipped with silver. His skin is quite heavy and weather resistant – protecting him from extreme cold.  He also has almond-shaped eyes of the color dark-brown, a black or brown nose, and perky, erect ears. There is a permanent smile on his face.


The Samoyed is an expensive dog, one of the rarest breeds in the world. He sheds a lot, so his thick coat must be brushed twice weekly. Please bath him once a month.

Personality and Temperament 

This happy dog loves his family and gets firmly attached to his owners. He emotionally connects with every family member, especially with the children. It’s hard to keep him away from the kids – he feels so protective of them.


Samoyed even gets along very well with cats! He bears no ill will towards cats and is happy to co-exist with them. He is the most cat-friendly dog breeds out there. He also gets along with other dogs in the family.

Is the friendliest dog in the world?

The Samoyed is a friendly little guy. He is quick to make friends, even with absolute strangers. One only has to pet him on his head, and he starts wagging his tail at them. He is a thrilled dog, has the innocence and curiosity of a small child, and can’t see anything wrong in anyone.

Is he perfect?

No, like every dog breed, the Samoyed has pluses and minuses. He is an intelligent dog, for sure. He is friendly, loyal, and affectionate. He brings joy and happiness everywhere he goes.  But he has this habit of constantly barking, which is annoying.

Also, he is a very active dog, and when he doesn’t get his usual playtime and when he does get to go on one of his long walks, he can get bored.  And when he gets bored, he can resort to destructive habits, like digging everywhere in the yard or chewing your precious Persian carpet.

That’s okay.

Early socialization and training should set him right.  Use positive reinforcement techniques such as playtime, praise, and food rewards to get him to behave and respond to your commands.

Potential Health Concerns

We have discussed Samoyed Hereditary Ghlomerulopathy, why it is such a dangerous health concern for the Samoyed Dog Breed, and how to detect it even before bringing the puppy home.  This condition affects male puppies only at an early stage in their lives. If the Samoyed puppy escapes this genetic disorder, it can have a healthy life expectancy of 12 to 14 years.


This dog can suffer from other health problems such as…


That’s a long list of health problems. Should I worry?  … none of these health issues – other than Samoyed Hereditary Glomerulopathy – are life-threatening. But their treatment can become expensive if they become recurring or chronic conditions.  

Which is why…

We here at IndulgeYourPet suggest signing up for Pet Insurance for Samoyeds.  Please look at our top-rated pet insurance policies for Samoyed dog owners in the United States.


Please read this article on   Pet Insurance Policies, learn more about them, and find out what they cover or don’t cover.

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  • Dale. D. February 17, 2020, 9:00 am

    I was owned by a. sammy for more than. 13 years. She was the best dog i ever had.if wasn’t on a fixed income i would have one again

  • Lamie May 8, 2021, 11:51 pm

    Why do Akitas 2 friendly to kids where did you find that from If you say you don’t know why did you put it like that why did you make my dear Akita hurt😡

    • indulgeyourpet May 9, 2021, 6:24 pm


      Because Akitas have a tendency to like to chase things, and because we never like to risk a good dog going to the wrong house, we gave the Akita dog breed “two paws” because they might not be a good fit for households with smaller children.

      That said, we do love the breed.



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