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Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs… Symptoms, expectations and costs.

Now, we here at IndulgeYourPet are certainly in no position to judge someone about their use of marijuana. Still, we can say for sure that if you choose to partake, be sure to do so responsibly, including keeping it out of reach of all your kids, including the furry four-legged ones!

The excellent news is…

Suppose your dog has ingested some cannabis (either medicinal or otherwise). In that case, it is not necessarily a veterinary emergency unless they have eaten it in the form of said brownies or unless you do not know the cause. Although it can be scary when you don’t see the source of the poisoning, your dog is more at risk from the chocolate in the brownies than from the cannabis.

In the cases…

You may want to report the poison to the poison control center if you do not know where it has come from. The most dangerous you will be presented with is the chocolate’s toxicity level, so in most milder occurrences, this condition can be treated at home. You see, what a lot of people do not know about dogs is that they have what is called endocannabinoid receptors, which exist inside your dog’s brain, meaning that it is highly likely that at some point in your dog’s ancestors ate it as a routine part of their diet.

So, the key here is not to panic. Only in severe cases is a need to rush off to the vet.

Marijuana Intoxication in Dogs

Marijuana is a drug that produces cannabis sativa, a form of tetrahedra cannabinoid (or THC) that can be used to ease the pain of many medical conditions. Also, sometimes called ‘Pot,’ it can relax a patient and help manage pain levels, providing a whole host of other benefits to the human body. Humans, dogs, and cats can all potentially benefit from this derivative of marijuana plants… but when the high is unplanned, it can come across with some pretty concerning symptoms.

That said, however…

Any medication you choose to give your dog should first receive your vet’s blessing. Otherwise, you could be causing more damage than you treat, especially if your dog consumes marijuana as an edible. If your dog ingests marijuana in a chocolate-based edible, they are at risk of poisoning. In this case, it’s probably best to stop reading this and go to the vet. They will likely want to feed them activated charcoal to make them sick it up before it damages the internal organs because chocolate toxicity is something you should take quite seriously!

Now, if you…

Dogs or cat has consumed a dangerous amount of marijuana; they may begin to display clinical signs such as:

  • A temporary increase in heart rate brought on by the cannabinoids.
  • Vomiting (they definitely will if they have been given the charcoal).
  • And a blood pressure drop is also brought on by the cannabinoids.

Other symptoms might include extreme lethargy and hunger upon waking the following morning.

In cases like these…

We would recommend that you first call your vet and ask for advice. In some cases, they will ask you to continue monitoring your pet and not leave them alone, while in other cases, they may suggest that you bring your dog in immediately. That way, at least you will have included a professional in the discussion, and you won’t be “guessing” what to do next!

Commonly Affected Breeds

If you are a marijuana taker, maybe don’t leave it lying around. K ep those brownies stored at head height and out of the reach of little paws and fingers. A y breed can simply become victim to this condition by an alluring smell.

You should also…

Bear in mind that dogs eat grass to help with their digestive system, so if they see a marijuana plant growing wild, there is every chance they will chew away at it. It is not usually harmful if you don’t let them eat too much. The Cannabis variety that generally carries the THC is in the flowering part, so keep them away!

For obvious reasons, dogs living in countries where marijuana is legal are more at risk of exposure to this than dogs who don’t.

Marijuana Toxicity Treatment Options for Dogs

It is recommended that a small dose of ingestion should be manageable at home. In such cases, ensure your dog is comfortable and remind them to drink and go to the toilet. When they wake up, they will be bubbly, bouncy, and refreshed because of their excellent sleep. B  prepared to feed them—a lot.

In the worse cases…

Where the dog has suffered poisoning of an unknown dose, and the vet has used the charcoal, they may wish to keep them for supportive care in the surgery for a day or two. Your pet will be fed IV Fluids to ensure they do not dehydrate. You should contact the local animal poison control center in these instances.

In other…

For milder cases, you may wish to consult your vet anyway. There may not be much point in putting your dog through a potentially painful round of treatments when the high will wear off in an hour or two. So, unless your dog is in distress, you may not need to opt for treatment. Again, this does not stand if you do not know the source of the dog’s drowsiness.

Which brings us to…

We want to remind folks that we at IndulgeYourPet are not doctors, veterinarians, or medical professionals.  We are all a bunch of folks passionate about animals and only want what’s best for them.  This is why if you feel like your pet may have marijuana toxicity (or any other health issue), you will want to have them checked out by a vet ASAP!


An early diagnosis will often lead to the “best” medical outcome for your pet regardless of what is bothering them, but beyond that, diagnosing a medical condition early could save you a bundle in medical costs!

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