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Border Terrier… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

The Border Terrier is one of those dogs that reminds us of the old saying…

“Never judge a book by it’s cover”

Because the fact is…

This little guy looks a bit “rough” around the collar, or perhaps like he had a really “rough night” right before you met him!  But hey, give this little guy a chance and we’re pretty sure that his “scrappy” look will begin to grow on you.


It’s grown on us here at IndulgeYourPet, and once you do decide to give one of these little guys a chance, we think your going to be surprised at just what a great family pet these guys can make.

Now will a Border Terrier be the “right” dog for everyone?

No, probably not.  But that doesn’t mean that they won’t be the “right” dog for a whole bunch of folks!  Which is why we wanted to take a moment and discuss what it’s like to own a Border Terrier so that you might have a better idea if one of these little guys is right for you!

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Border Terrier Dog Breed Fast Facts

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Original Purpose:  Hunting Dog

Height:  Varied

Weight:  11.5 to 15.5 pounds

Life Span: 12 to 14 years

Dog Breed Classification:  Terrier

Origins of the Border Terrier

The Border Terrier hails from the region around the border between England and Scotland where this little guy was used to help hunt and keep foxes away from the local farmers during the 1800’s and early 1900’s.

During this time…

Farmers from this area had to battle the foxes on a daily basis. The foxes would eat their livestock and sometimes even attack humans.  As a result, the locals were always looking for a way to help “curb” the local fox population.

And they found a great…

“Solution” in the fearless Border Terrier.  Like most terriers, this little guy knows no fear making him an ideal deterrent against foxes because not only can he chase and force a fox to “ground”, he is also small enough (and brave enough) to continue the pursuit “underground” right into the foxes den!

Fast as…

A horse, these little guys also earned a place in organized foxhunting expeditions further expanding their value to the wealthy elite of the time as well.

He was quite something…

…A fearless warrior who could take on the most fearsome creatures. But his foxhunting days drew to a close as Britain became a modern, industrialized country.


For this little guy, he also proved quite lovable as well making him a perfect companion animal that is quite trainable.  For this reason, the Border Terrier remains a pretty popular breed today, and is loved worldwide by all of their owners.

He is also…

Recognized by the Britain’s Kennel Club (in the early 1900s) as well as the American Kennel Club (1930).  There was even a Border Terrier Club of America formed in 1949 which is still in existence today.

Physical characteristics of the Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a very small dog, only 15 pounds in weight. And while he is smallest of the long legged terriers, don’t let that fool you, this little guy is not only really fast, he is also really tough.

He just happens to…

Be small enough to be carried around!

Your Border Terrier…

Will have a tan colored rough double coat, small ears, a pronounced muzzle and an “otter-shaped head”  that is actually pretty unique in the “dog world”.

He’s also going to…

Have a very thick and loose skin, which is an adaptation which allowed him to be protected against fox bites. (Remember… he was raised to hunt foxes, more on that later).

Border Terrier Grooming…

Grooming the Border Terrier should be easy enough. You only have to give his outer coat a brush once a week to get rid of the dead hair.  Other than that, you’ll just want to give him a bath every now and then or whenever he gets really dirty.


If left to there own devices, that will probably be pretty often because these little guys like to run around and get dirty.  The good news is that washing them is a breeze so don’t fret!

Border Terrier Temperament

The Border Terrier is a relaxed and laid-back dog who never gets too tense about anything. This is probably because at his “core” he is a very confident dog, and not one that gets confused, nervous or anxious.

And while…

He certainly isn’t a “stylish” dog or a “pretty” dog. That doesn’t mean that he isn’t quite handsome.  It’s just like we said before, he’s not a “flashy” kind of dog.

What he is…

Though is a good, honest dog who is easy to train and does very well at canine competitions such as Flyball, agility obsticals and obedience.

Provided that…

Your Border Terrier gets plenty of exercise.  Because remember, the Border Terrier is from the England and Scotland border, where there are vast, open fields and a dog can run for as long and far as he likes.

Of course…

…This is not possible when you bring him home as a companion dog, that’s okay! But make sure that he gets to go out and run as much as possible. He loves running and he is very, very fast. Just wait till you should see him run!

He’s also a friendly soul…

The Border Terrier loves being with humans. He is at peace when he is in the house, surrounded by people.  People of all ages, which is why so many families with small children choose to make a Border Terrier their next pet.

But beware…

The Border terrier hates being alone all by himself be it locked up in the house or all alone in the backyard. And like most terriers, once they become bored and unhappy they have an incredible ability to become quite destructive!  So, if you value your home, possession and sanity, we would encourage you to think long and hard about getting a Border Terrier and just ask yourself…

“How long will this dog be left by himself each and every day?”

If you think that you’re going to have to leave your Border Terrier home a lot, do yourself a favor and pursue a dog that isn’t going to crave your attention as much.

How is he like with cats, you ask?

He may or may not like cats – there is no way to tell for certain. But you should certainly not leave an adult Border Terrier alone in a room full of kitties – that is just asking for trouble!

What we generally see is…

That if your Border Terrier is raised around other “four-legged” creatures, he will generally do well around them.  However if you choose to adopt a Border Terrier rescue dog (which we highly encourage) you may want to see how well they do before leaving your new Border Terrier alone with other animals.

A perfect family pet

What really makes this canine such a wonderful family pet is that this dog is great with kids. He loves kids, and is very protective of them, especially of the small children in the family.

But remember…

Just because he might be right for you, does not mean that you’re right for him, so just be sure that you’re going to be able to meet his requirements as well before you decide to run out and adopt one of these awesome little terriers!

Are there any health issues related to the Border Terrier that you should worry about?

Generally, no, you don’t have to worry about your Border Terrier getting sick. He is a remarkably healthy dog, perhaps one of the healthiest dog breeds out there.

That said however…

They have been know be at risk for Legg-Calve-Perthes disease.  But truth be told, so are a lot of other dog breeds as well.

And even though…

Border Terriers tend to be pretty healthy, we here at IndulgeYourPet always like to recommend that folks take a moment and consider purchase a pet insurance policy on their new family member.


Illnesses aren’t the only things that affect the health of your pet.  They could also be involved in accident or suffer from a bite from another animal.  This is particularly true for the Border Terrier who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge.

Now will a pet insurance policy be right for everyone?

No, probably not.  But how will you know if you don’t at least know what it might cost for you to get insured?  This is why we decided to write our Best Pet Insurance Companies article so that you can get an idea if purchasing a pet insurance policy is “right” for you!

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  • Jeff B. February 7, 2020, 11:15 am

    Looking for female 3 month to 3 yrs

    • indulgeyourpet February 7, 2020, 1:28 pm


      While we can’t be much help in your search, we would suggest that you might reach out to your local humane society and see if they may know of a Border Terrier rescue program in your area. You might also want to see if their is a local Facebook Border Terrier club in your area that might be able to help out as well.

      Good luck!


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