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Russian Blue Cat Breed… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

Russian Blue cat

If you are looking for a beautiful cat with a ton of energy that won’t require too much attention, then you’ll want to put the Russian Blue cat on your “short list” of cat breeds to consider. But even though we here at IndulgeYourPet happen to believe that the Russian Blue is one of the “coolest” looking cats with his unique grey, almost silvery blue double coat, we constantly have to remind ourselves that even though we think they are “awesome,” they’re not always going to be the “best” cat for everyone.

You see…

These guys have a “bit” of an independent streak, meaning they aren’t looking for your attention 24/7. They may also prefer going on their ” adventures ” to lying on the couch all day. This is why we wanted to take a moment and discuss the Russian Blue here in this article so that you can get a better idea of what it might be like to own this fantastic creature for yourself and avoid getting one if you don’t feel like they will be a good “fit” for you.

Because the last thing…

What we would want to have happen would be for you to decide to purchase a Russian Blue kitten or, better yet, adopt a Russian Blue rescue cat, only to be disappointed in your decision six months later! So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Russian Blue Cat Breed Fast Facts

Country of Origin:  Russia

Size:  Medium to Small

Weight:  6 to 8 pounds

Eyes:  Oval Shaped

Head:  Wedge-Shaped

Coat:  Short hair, double coat

Lifespan:  15 to 18 years.

Origin of the Russian Blue Cat Breed

As one might expect, the Russian Blue cat breed originates in Northern Russia. And while it’s true that these cats were first discovered in Russia as a naturally occurring breed, little is known about where and how they came to be. What appears to be sure is that these cats have been around since the mid-1800s, when they first became “noticed” by British sailors visiting the Russian port city of Arkhangelsk.

It was there…

In Arkhangelsk, the British sailors decided it would be a great idea to “adopt” a few of them and bring them along on their travels throughout Europe. As a result, the Russian Blue, or the “Archangel Blue,” or the “Archangel Cat,” as they were commonly referred to back then, quickly spread throughout Northern Europe, where their thick double-coated fur allowed them to do well and thrive in the cold environments that they encountered.


Like many other European domesticated animals, the Russian Blue’s population was nearly decimated due to WWII. So much so that the Russian Blue was almost entirely wiped out of existence. Fortunately, even though the Russian Blue became a scarce breed, folks at the time recognized the need to save these magnificent animals and chose to mix them with the Siamese cat breed so that they could increase the breeding stock of the remaining Russian Blue population and not risk causing and “inbreeding” health issues.

This is why…

Today’s “modern” Russian Blue has a “bit” of a Siamese look about them, which is one way to help differentiate them from other similar-looking cat breeds, including the:

Today, while the Russian Blue remains a relatively rare breed, there were officially over 459 Russian Blue kittens registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) back in 2014, so hopefully, this breed will continue to grow in popularity as more and more folks have a chance to see one of these “beauties” in person.

Physical Characteristics

As we’ve already discussed, the main feature that sets the Russian Blue apart from other cat breeds is its soft, sparkling “blue” coat, typically highlighted with silver tips. But apart from that, these guys also have vivid green eyes that many folks will often describe as “emerald green,” making Russian Blue kittens almost impossible to put down!

But that’s not…

The only reason to consider purchasing a Russian Blue kitten or adopting a Russian Blue rescue cat! You see, these guys are also a lot of fun to own. Particularly if you enjoy a cat that is full of energy, you see, even a “cat novice” should be able to take one look at a Russian Blue and know that this cat will not want to sit around all day. Their long, lean body, attentive ears, and wide-set eyes scream…. “This cat is ready to go!” And that’s precisely what you get when you adopt a Russian Blue Kitten!

Personality and Temperament

As we all know, every cat will have a unique personality regardless of what “kind” of breed it may be. So, in theory, you may adopt a Russian Blue that is content with sitting around the house all day and not climbing on everything it sees.

\This is a possibility we wouldn’t tell you to “count on it.” As a general rule of thumb, Russian Blues will want to run and play a lot. And while they may demand your attention and affection at times, these are not cats that will be “seeking” your attention or approval 24/7. Also, because these guys can tend to be a bit flighty and not particularly “keen” on loud noises or strangers, it’s safe to say that if you are looking for a cat that is going to get along with kids or lots of visitors to your home, this may not be the right cat breed for you.

Potential Health Concerns

By all reports, the Russian Blue cat breed appears to be a pretty healthy pedigree cat breed without any obvious hereditary medical issues. But even when considering the adoption of a particular animal with a beneficial track record, we here at IndulgeYourPet still recommend that all of our readers take a moment and consider purchasing a pet insurance policy for their new family member.


Even in cases like the Russian Blue, it’s still entirely possible that they could become sick or injured at some point. Whether you know this or not, we can assure you that vet bills can be expensive, particularly if your pet has a severe medical emergency!

Now, will a pet insurance policy be “right” for everyone?

No, probably not. But how will you know if one might be “right” for you before you know what these insurance policies will and won’t cover and how much they cost?

We don’t think it’s possible!

This is why we choose to write our Best Pet Insurance Companies so that your readers can quickly have all of their questions answered and know if buying a pet insurance policy makes any sense.

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  • Jenni R M. February 24, 2020, 10:53 am

    I have had my Russian Blue cat for 5 years now. The “only” thing he does not like is to be held. He loves attention, playing fetch, and being boss. I did not realize he was a Russian Blue until someone told me he was. He definitely has a personality of his own. He also sheds like a husky so, be prepared to groom a lot. He is my everything as I am his.

  • Gabbi V September 3, 2020, 8:17 am

    I am more of a dog person myself (I know… I suck), but when my little Russian Blue came into my life (literally – found her at my doorstep), I couldn’t have asked for a better cat. She is almost half cat/half dog to me – she plays fetch, likes to have belly rubs, and comes whenever I call her name. Her fur is so so soft and beautiful, and she is fairly friendly to new faces (as long as I’m there with her). Super cute cat & love her lots!

  • Dorian November 10, 2020, 2:32 pm

    My 3 year old russian blue is the biggest cuddler I’ve ever met. Shes only that way with myself and my roommate though. If shes in the room with me shes usually lying on my chest and demanding attention.

    • indulgeyourpet November 10, 2020, 4:46 pm


      That’s why it’s difficult to understand why everyone isn’t a CAT PERSON!

      Thanks for sharing,


  • Owen M. May 19, 2021, 11:36 pm

    My Russian Blue ‘Spook!’ Came to me as a rescue at 5 years of age, no bad habits other than the usual ‘settling in’. He’s the ultimate companion, talks to me and comes when I call him. Loves to lay beside me and is very tactile. Loves to be brushed; almost a twice daily ritual for him and I’m rewarded with a dog like greeting whenever I arrive home. He’s not big on being picked up but as he’s a rescue, I’m sure he was mistreated and strongly suspect he has been thrown or kicked at some stage. He’s 10 now and so much a part of my life. I think we actually rescued each other. ‘Archangel’ is so so right!

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