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Pixiebald Cat Breed… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

Now if you’re thinking to yourself, that the picture above doesn’t look like a “Pixie” or “fairy” it looks much more like a wild Lynx, we here at IndulgeYourPet would have to agree with you.

In fact…

Some folks even theorize that the Pixiebob is actually ½ wildcat.  And while we can’t provide any evidence that this is true, what we can tell you for sure is that this cat breed is one of favourites and it’s not because they have a wild streak.

Truth is…

These cats are actually quite mellow and tend to act a bit “dog like” on occasion.

But just because…

We here at IndulgeYourPet happen to be big fans of the Pixie-bob cat breed doesn’t mean that you will be to.  This is why we wanted to take a moment and discuss what it might be like to own a Pixiebob cat so that if you’re given the opportunity to actually own one of these guys, you’ll be able to know if that’s a good choice for you or not.

Pixiebob Cat Breed Fast Facts

Country of Origin:  United States

Size:  Medium

Weight:  8 to 12 pounds

Eyes:  Triangular

Shape of Head:  Pear-shaped

Lifespan:  12 to 14 years

Origin of the Pixiebob cat breed

Currently, there are several competing theories as to the evolution of the pixie-bob cat breed.  Some theorize that this cat is actually the product of a natural mating between a domestic shorthaired cat and an actual bobcat, while others believe that the Pixiebob is actually just the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation that was able to take hold in a small community.

What is known is…

That the “breed” was first “discovered” right around 1985 by a woman named Carol Ann Brewer who was fascinated by what she found and decided to try to create more of them.


One of the first kittens she bred, she decided to name “Pixie” which is why, she later decided to name her newly created cat breed the “Pixie” bob.

By 1994…

The International Cat Association “officially” decided to recognize the breed along with the Cat Fanciers Association which shortly followed suit in 2005.

Pixie-bob Physical Characteristics

Overall, its safe to say that the Pixiebob does “seem” to have a bit of a “wild” look about him.  That combined with the fact that a large number of these cats will also be “graced” with polydactylism (six toes!) makes them quite a unique animal.

They can also…

Grow it quite a large size. The females come weighing in about 8-12 pounds and the male weighing in at 25 pounds. This combined with their quite physique is another reason why people tend to think that the father of this breed actually is the coastal red bobcat.

That and of course…

The fact that these cats are born without a “normal” or natural tail which adds even more credence to the idea that these cats are ½ wild.

Personality of the Pixebob cat breed

Despite the fact that the Pixiebob cat breed looks quite wild, these cats are quite mellow and love to have attention as many other cats do but they are quiet without the hyperactivity.

Some people have…

Even described these dogs as having a dog-like character of the quieter breed types.  And unlike many cat breeds out there, these cats love to bond with their owners and strangely enough love taking car rides.

And because…

Pixie cats are so mellow and get along so well with just about anyone, we often find ourselves recommending this breed to anyone with young children.  Heck, these cats are so mellow they’ll even put up with children dragging them all around the house.

Not that we…

Recommend that you let your children do this, we’re just saying that these aren’t the types for cats that are going to scratch or bite if they become upset.  They’re more likely just to avoid any little trouble makers until they are old enough to know how to love and care for a cat of this quality.


While these cats do not require any special or particular care aside from the basics.  Which means that you’ll need to keep an eye on their weight they can add unexpected weight where people may mistake this for them being a larger cat breed, but this isn’t the case.

Coat and grooming

The pixie cats will need their coat brushed regular as they have a double coat that is prone to becoming mattered and shedding excessively.
Their coat tends to be more woolly than furry and are either short or long haired. Their coat is usually patterned with a striped pattern or a maceral coat. They can be a range of different colours however they tend to be light gray, reddish or a fawn colour.

Pixie bobs love meat so if you are offering food that isn’t a meat then most likely it is getting rejected and left sitting in their bowl.

But be sure to…

Stick with the recommended food and amount for their weight and don’t go over this. It may seem not enough to you but in fact it is the perfect amount for them and will help with aiding in not adding any extra weight.
It is extremely hard…

For them to lose weight after gaining a little extra. Your pixie will need to be given a schedule for eating, these cats will simply eat all day if aloud to so if your pixie eats what is in the bowl be strong and don’t feed anymore even if the cat is vocally requesting more food.

Be sure not to give your cat too many treats as this can make them too full to eat their proper dietary meal they need for the correct number of vitamins.


Pixie-bob cats are not prone to a lot of illnesses they are normally quite healthy. The breed is outcrossed so the health problems prone to inbreeding are lowered.

Now you may notice…

Your cat has more digits on its paws this is perfectly normal. It is not sure what causes this, but this is the reason the pixie cats are considered lucky.
Choosing where to buy from

Pixie bobs are not cheap to buy, and you want them to be the best they can be so it’s important to buy your pixie bob from a reputable breeder. Make sure you do your homework on the breeders before you decide on one.

You want to…

Find a breeder who is supplying the proof that your cat has had all its vet checks done and happy to supply screening for genetic problems.
Backyard breeders keep kittens isolated from which they are not used to human contact and can become feral when picked up by people.

A reputable breeder will…

Have the kitten friendly and comfortable with people before selling. Don’t just check out a website and like what you see then opt to buy from them because they have a website doesn’t mean they are reputable breeders anyone can create a website and make it look good.

Communicate with the breeder…

Ask questions look for red flags like excuses being given when asked for proof of vet checks, multiple litters at the same place, asking for full payment up front or paying online with credit cards is not how reputable breeders work.
Most times the vet can give you advice as to where you can find a reputable breeder otherwise the international cat breeder association is a good place to start. Beware of social media sellers they are more corrupt than they are good.


Now that you’re spending all the time and energy researching what kind of cat you may want to adopt, why not take a moment or two and do a little bit of research on what it might cost to insure your new pet?

This is something…

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