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Dog Food Reviews: Is Nulo a Good Pet Food Company?

There are way too many pet food companies to choose from on the market.

It can be unclear for you when you enter your local pet store to buy some dog food and end up feeling overwhelmed by all the pet food companies and their products on the shelf—with each of them assuring you that they’re the best.  So, it is a good idea to research dog food before investing in it.

One of the most important things when looking for the best dog foods is the brand, company behind it, and it’s values.  In this blog post, we will review Nulo pet food company to help you determine whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

A Look Through Time: The Company’s History

The privately-held pet food company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in West Lake Hills, Texas.  The company started with Max, who belonged to Michael Landa, the company’s founder. The black Labrador loved hiking, playing a solid game of fetch, and spending quality time with his best friend.

It all started when Michael couldn’t find the right dog sitter for Max, so he left his corporate job and started his own pet care business.  As he was researching, he found an increase in overweight pets and the administration of at-home insulin shots for diabetic cats and dogs. This piqued his interest in the area.

Michael found out that the top pet foods were filled with empty calories. These came from filler ingredients such as carbohydrates.  So, Michael decided to start his own company—Nulo.

With a team of leading animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators, Nulo recipes make great sources of animal-based proteins lower in carbs and use low-glycemic ingredients to promote healthy body conditions and stable energy.

The Company’s Core Motivation

The founder of Nulo came across an alarming trend: an increase in overweight pets and the administration of at-home insulin shots for diabetic cats and dogs.  He found that pet foods were filled with empty calories as he researched.

This means most pet foods contain ingredients your dog doesn’t need to survive. They provide calories but are of no nutritional value to your dog–just like alcohol is to your body.  The empty calories came from filler ingredients like carbohydrates.

Did you know that most major brands contain over 40% carb fillers?

I’m afraid that’s not right when you’re feeding carnivores.  The truth is that dogs don’t need as much carbs as humans do. A dog’s body has evolved to run on protein, fat, and carbs for thousands of years. In a traditional carnivore diet, dogs only get carbs from their prey’s undigested meals!

With most pet food companies, the meat protein is often “supported” by high levels of plant-based proteins.  This dog food company’s slogan is “healthier together,” and that’s what they are all about.

The company ensures that your dog gets nothing but the best and doesn’t need tp consume ingredients of no nutritional value to him.

What We Think About Nulo Dog Food

We believe that Nulo dog food company is one of the best out there.  We appreciate the company is drive to provide pets with the best nutrition possible. It is true that dogs are carnivores and don’t need as many carbs in their diet as most commercial dog foods contain.

One of the best things about this dog food is that it contains just the right balance of macros for all kinds of dogs.  We like the company’s motto, “Healthier together,” and appreciate that it’s what the strive for with every recipe.

Nulo dog foods have lots of features that dog owners should appreciate.  To start with, all the formulas are not only grain-free but are high in meat proteins. More than 80 percent of proteins contained in their dog food come from real meat like chicken, lamb, cod, turkey, and salmon.

The good thing about this dog food is that it is low in carbohydrates and contains only low-glycemic index ingredients such as lentils, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes.  Add to that; the recipes are also gluten-free.

Nulo uses a patented probiotic called BC30, a pure probiotic strain with guaranteed survivability. Compared with other pet food companies’ probiotics, it can withstand the heat of food processing.

We love that foods produced by this brand are free of corn, wheat, or soy. Not just that, they also don’t contain any no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavoring.

Summing Up

Nulo is a privately-held pet food company founded in 2009 and headquartered in West Lake Hills, Texas.  As he was researching, Michael Landa, the company’s founder, found an increase in overweight pets and the administration of at-home insulin shots for diabetic cats and dogs.

This piqued his interest in the area.

After realizing that commercial pet food companies put too many carbohydrates and filler ingredients in their food products, Landa started his own company, which produces formulas that are grain-free and high in meat proteins.

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