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Nebelung Cat Breed… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance!

Let’s face it: there’s just something about a cat with a light gray, almost blue coat that’s impossible to ignore. Especially when you then take that cat and specifically breed it, you transform the short-haired variety into a luxurious long-haired beauty. This is precisely what Nebelung cat breeders chose to do when they took the Russian Blue Cat breed and bred it with domestic longhair cats that possessed the “longhair gene.”  And while some may argue that choosing to do so didn’t really “create” a brand new breed, nobody can say that the results didn’t create a stunning-looking cat!

But this doesn’t mean…

Owning a Nebelung cat will be the “right” choice for you. This is why, in this article, we want to take a moment and discuss what it might be like to own a Nebelung cat so that you can have a better idea if adopting one of these dark blue beauties will be right for you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Nebelung Cat Breed Fast Facts

Country of Origin:  United States

Size:  Medium to Small

Weight:  6 to 8 pounds

Eyes:  Oval Shaped

Shape of Head:  Wedge-Shaped

Lifespan:  15 to 18 years

Origin of the Nebelung Cat Breed

While it is true to say that the Nebelung cat breed “originated” in the United States, it’s hard to say that one would be able to “fully” understand where this cat breed comes from without taking a moment and look at the history of the Russian Blue cat breed. Because at the end of the day, the Nebelung cat breed is just a Russian Blue that has been bred with a domestic longhair. And don’t get us wrong, combining these two was a brilliant idea! To fully understand the history of the Nebelung breed, they also need to know where the Russian Blue came from first.

The Russian Blue Cat Breed

If you love the look of the Nebelung breed, you will need to thank his Russian Blue ancestor for that because this is where the Nebelung cat gets its magnificent blue coat. And unlike the Nebelung breed, which has only been around since the mid to late 1980s, the Russian Blue cats have been around for several centuries (at least). You see, these naturally occurring cats have been reported to have been rather popular back in the late 1860s throughout Northern Russia, particularly within the port city of Arkhangelsk.

And it was…

In Arkhangelsk, they were first “noticed” by British sailors who thought it would be a great idea to “adopt” a few of them and bring them along on their travels. As a result, the Russian Blue, or the Archangel Bl, commonly referred to back in the day, quickly spread throughout Northern Europe, where their thick fur allowed them to thrive.


Like many other domesticated animals throughout Europe, the Russian Blue’s population was seriously diminished due to WWII. So much so that the Russian Blue was almost whipped out entirely. Fortunately, even though the Russian Blue became a rare breed, folks at the time recognized the need to “save” these guys and chose to mix them with the Siamese cat breed. This is why today’s “modern” Russian Blue has a bit of a “Siamese” look about them.

Now fast forward…

Forty years or so, you’re ready to understand where the Nebelung comes from because it was in the mid-1980s when Cora Cobb of the Nebelheim Cattery decided to cross-breed a Russian blue with a domestic longhair. It was inspired by a single kitten named Siegfried, a long-haired Russian Blue; Cora Cobb chose to dedicate herself to breeding Russian Blues with long hair. And while this “decision” has a lot of folks very grateful, many Russian Blue “purists” were not impressed, which is why the Nebelung eventually went on to be “officially” recognized as tits on separate cat breed by the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), the American Cat Fancier Association (ACFA), the International Cat Association (TICA) and the Traditional Cat Association as well.

Physical Characteristics

As we’ve already discussed, the main feature that sets the Nebelung Breed apart from his close relative,e the Russian Blue, is that, unlike the Russian Blue, the Nebelung will have a long coat. This “long coat” is part of the breed standard that makes a Nebelung a Nebelung.

Apart from that, these guys are a pretty attractive cat breed, just like the “short-haired” Russian Blue version. With their green eyes, long, lean bodies, and long longtails, it’s clear that Ms. Cobb knew what she was doing when she created this new “breed.” But that’s not the only reason one should consider purchasing a Nebelung kitten or, better yet, a Nebelung rescue cat! You see, these guys are also a lot of fun to Owl.

Personality and Temperament

As we all know, every cat will have a unique personality. However, there are a few things that you can count on when adopting a Nebelung. First, they are going to have a ton of energy, and second, if you’re looking to keep their long coat in “tip-top” shape, you’re going to want to be sure to give our little fellow a good brush down at least two or three times a week.


It should be noted that if you’re looking for a cat that is just going to sit around that house all day and not be interested in having adventures, then this probably isn’t the right cat for you. You see, these guys tend to be a bit “flighty,” while they are affectionate with their owners, they won’t be looking for constant attention from their “human” companions. The Nebelung cat breed isn’t always considered the best cat for families with children.  No, this isn’t because they’re going to “attack” your ki; they’re probably just going to ignore them!

Potential Health Concerns

By all reports, the Nebelung cat breed is a heal pedigree cat without any obvious hereditary medical issues. It’s essential to understand that the Nebelung cat breed is still a relatively “new” cat breed, so only time will tell if it will remain healthy as it grows in popularity.

But even in cases…

When one is considering adopting a particular animal that has a healthy track record, we here at IndulgeYourPet still like to recommend all of our readers to take a moment and consider possibly purchasing a pet insurance policy for their new loved one. Because it’s still entirely possible that your Nebelung cat could become sick or injured at some point during their life, whether you know this or not, we can assure you that vet bills can be pretty expensive, particularly if your pet has a severe medical emergency!

Now, will a pet insurance policy be “right” for everyone?

No, probably not. But how will you know if one might be “right” for you before you see what these insurance policies will and won’t cover and how much they cost?

We don’t think it’s possible! This is why we choose to write our Best Pet Insurance Companies so that your readers can quickly have all their questions answered and know if buying a pet insurance policy makes any sense.

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