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Nationwide Pet Insurance Company Review

Are you looking for the best pet insurance company for your furry friend?

Investing in a good pet health insurance policy is an excellent choice as it can save you thousands of dollars on emergency pet care, treatments, and medicine. There are a lot of companies available to choose from, but not all of them are the best. It takes a lot of research to determine which pet food company is the best choice for you.

In this blog post, we will review Nationwide Pet Insurance Company and help you determine whether or not it is the right choice for you and your furry friend.

Let’s get started, shall we?

A Little About Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide has been around since 1925 and is one of the world’s most extensive insurance and financial service companies. The company insures over 600,000 cats, dogs, birds, and exotic pets for medical conditions related to injuries, illnesses, and accidents, as well as wellness care. This insurance company was previously known as VPI, and the name changed to match the parent company’s name—Nationwide.

Most people think the company was bought out, which isn’t the case. Nationwide provides cover for birds and exotic pets and has a 24-hour vet helpline for all your questions and needs.

Offer Wellness Plan Add-On

Like most top pet insurance companies, Nationwide offers add-on routine care plans which are:

  • Wellness Basic Plan
  • Wellness Plus Plan

Both plans offer money towards preventative and routine services, including vaccinations, physical exams, deworming, heartworm tests, and more. The amount that you receive depends directly on the level you’re paying for. Both groups include the same services.

Covers Various Conditions

One of the best things about Nationwide pet insurance is that it covers a lot of conditions and illnesses, which include hereditary and congenital conditions, cancer, behavioral treatments, and dental diseases, among various other conditions. Some states that other major pet insurers exclude Nationwide pet insurance covers are also covered. So, no matter what illness your furry friend contracts, Nationwide is a reliable partner in helping you and your furry friend through it all.

Well-Known Name

Nationwide is a well-known insurer, and people prefer the company simply because they have other types of insurance through the company. So, for some people, having all the insurance through nationwide is convenient.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Plans

Nationwide has various plans that meet your pet’s needs. Let’s look at each of them to help you determine which is the best for your furry friend.

Major Medical Plan

The primary medical plan is similar to standard pet insurance, which covers basic wellness checks, tests, parasite/flea control, and microchip implantation. This can be used as a standalone or added to plans. Everything this plan offers is also included in the Whole Pet With Wellness plan.

Whole Pet With Wellness Plan

The Whole Pet with Wellness plan is the most comprehensive coverage plan offered by Nationwide, and the program combines routine care with typical pet insurance to ensure you get the best possible coverage.

The plan covers every major illness, disease, vet bills, vaccines, and more. While this is the most expensive plan offered by Nationwide, it is also the most popular as it covers almost everything.

Pet Wellness Plan

Nationwide’s Pet Wellness Plan is standalone and offers essential wellness checkups, tests, parasite/flea control, and microchip implantation. You can add this to your plans and use it as a standalone. Everything offered in this plan also comes with the Whole Pet With Wellness plan.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Company: Availability, Enrollment, Waiting Periods, and More

In this section of the blog post, we will go through some of the things you need to consider to determine whether or not Nationwide is the best pet insurance company for your needs.

Enrollment and Waiting Periods

Nationwide has a standard 14-day waiting period after enrollment before coverage starts for accidents and illness. The company also had a one-year waiting period for hereditary and congenital conditions. A 14-day waiting period is a bit long for accidental coverage, as most other companies offer one to three days.


When your pet is covered with Nationwide Pet insurance, you can go to any licensed veterinarian worldwide for treatment.


The exclusions depend on the plan you select and differ significantly across the company’s various programs. However, the Whole Pet plan provides a few exclusions, including elective procedures, pre-existing conditions, boarding, grooming, more investigative or experimental methods, etc.

The company covers hereditary conditions with the Whole Pet plan.


The deductible is the amount you must pay out of your pocket before your coverage begins, and Nationwide Pet Insurance offers a single annual deductible amount of $250. To submit a claim, you must fill out a short form and fax, mail, or e-mail Nationwide. You have to pay your pet’s medical bills first, and then you will be directly reimbursed following a successful application.

It takes about 30 days from receiving all of the necessary information to process your claim.

Summing Up: Nationwide Pet Insurance Company Review

Nationwide is a household name and is one of the best pet insurance companies to choose from. The company covers various conditions and provides your pet with nose-to-tail insurance. They also cover birds and exotic pets and have a 30-day reimbursement process after completing the claim form.

That said, however…

It is essential to understand that while Nationwide Pet Insurance is a great pet insurance company, they are just one of several that you will want to consider. For more information on who we feel currently offers the “best” pet insurance policies out there, we would encourage you to check out our Best Pet Insurance Policies article.

Do you have questions? If so, leave them in the comments, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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