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Top 5 Best Cat Food Brands

Are you looking for the best cat food for your furry bundle of joy? The right and balanced nutrition ensure that your cat lives a long and happy life. However, there are a lot of name brand and generic cat foods available on the market. So, it can be confusing, and sometimes intimidating to choose [...]

Best Cat Food for Older Cats

Are you the proud owner of a senior cat? Senior cats have nutritional needs that are different from those of kittens or adult cats. Some aging cats lose their interest in food while others become obese during this life stage. A cat is considered a senior cat when she reaches the age of 12. This [...]

Best Diet Cat Food for Overweight Cats

Has your kitty gained a lot of weight recently?   Obesity is one of the major problems for domestic indoor cats, and over 25% of cats come in the obese category. Of course, a larger percentage of cats comes in the overweight category as well. Excessive weight gain comes with a lot of different problems [...]

Best Kitten Food

Looking for the best kitten food for your adorable little ball of fur? Kittenhood is a crucial time in a cat’s life as it’s when the cat’s body and brain are developing rapidly. So, it is obvious that a kitten needs the best nutrition you can offer to develop and live a long and happy [...]