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OK, now we know that there are some of you out there that just feel like a cat without fur is just “weird” but we need you to put all those feeling aside and just take a look at how “cool” and elegant this cat is. Because if you do… We here at IndulgeYourPet have [...]

Few can deny just how cute the Persian cat breed is as a whole, heck, it’s probably why it is the most “recognizable” cat breed in the entire world.  And while there are some that may say that they would never actually want to own a Persian, we would challenge them to try and pick [...]

If you’re one of those folks who love cats that REALLY love people, then we might just have the perfect cat for you, the Oriental cat. And while… You may not have ever heard of an Oriental cat before, we can assure you that you’re probably very familiar with his or her parents.  You see, [...]

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. The Manx cat is tailless. Yes, you read that right, it’s a cat without a tail!  And here at IndulgeYourPet, one of our most favorite things about most cat breeds is their tail. So… If the Manx is a tailless cat, and… is still one of our [...]

The Somali cat breed is an interesting one because for all intents and purposes, it’s basically just a long-haired version of an Abyssinian cat. Which… If you ask us here at IndulgeYourPet is pretty awesome because first, we’re a bit fan of any kind of long-haired cat.  And second, we’re really BIG fans of the [...]

Despite the fact that the Tonkinese cat bred has the “look” of a cat that might have roamed this planet for centuries, the fact is, as a breed, the Tonkinese has really only been around for a few decades. You see… Unlike many other “native” cat breed species, the Tonkinese was actually specifically developed by [...]

You’ve got to figure that any animal with the word “angora” in it is going to be a pretty good-looking animal.  And is probably going to have a really soft coat of hair, and in the case of the Turkish Angora, you would be right! But these… Cats are much, much more than just a [...]

Maybe you don’t recognize the name, but we here at IndulgeYourPet are sure that you’ve probably seen a picture of one of these cool little guys! The problem is… That after someone sees a picture of a Sphynx cat, they’re either going to say… “OMG, what’s wrong with that poor little animal?” Or they’re going [...]

 Now if you’re someone who always like to have a “trick up his sleeve” or always likes to surprise someone, then we might just know the perfect cat for you, the Turkish Van! Because… Not only are these great looking cats that have a great personality, they are also one of just a few cat [...]

OK, now we’ve got to be honest with you, here at IndulgeYourPet we really find the name “Toyger” a bit silly, and not nearly cool enough or POWERFUL enough to “capture” the essence of this cat. Plus… When you actually learn “why” these cats were created, you really have to start asking yourself… “Couldn’t they [...]