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If you’re the type of person who enjoys having a cat “share” the couch with you or one who is entirely content spending a late Sunday afternoon in your lap while reading a book, then there is a perfect chance that the British Shorthair cat breed might the ideal cat breed for you! But it’s [...]

Bombay cat breed

Some people in this world believe that no matter what anyone tells them, they will never, ever enjoy owning a cat. This is because, at their “core,” they are a “dog person.” And any actual dog person will tell you that there isn’t a cat in the world that could replace a good dog! But [...]

Suppose you’ve ever dreamed about what it might be like to own a baby leopard. In that case, chances are you’re already familiar with the Bengal cat breed because, let’s face it, owning one of these little guys is probably as close as anyone should ever get to owning an actual “baby” leopard. And for [...]

The Siberian cat is one of the furriest cats out there, and like every other cat, it is easy to love. But beyond that, they also look adamant! These cats should be prowling somewhere in the woods, taking care of business rather than lounging on your couch. The Siberian cat breed is one of our [...]

American Shorthair Cat Breed

When it comes to the American Shorthair, these little guys are just about as “American” as it gets. As one of the first “settlers” to arrive in the new world, these little guys have a long history of being one of America’s first good “mousers.” While it’s almost impossible to grow up in the United [...]

If you just went into the street and flagged down 100 strangers and asked them to name ten different “types” of cat breeds, chances are you wouldn’t find many who could do this. But most of them would probably be able to name two or three. And we’re willing to bet that one of those [...]

Spoiler alert… These cats are pretty awesome, which is why anyone currently considering purchasing a kitten or adopting a rescue cat should seriously consider making one of these blue eye beauties their own! But that said, there are many different cat breeds out there, and while we here at IndulgeYourPet will freely admit that the [...]

If you love cats and like to be a “bit” different, there is a good chance that an American Curl cat might be the “right” cat breed for you. The American Curl cagenerateste is a unique-looking animal with a lovely disposition, making it an ideal pet for just about any individual or family. But… Like [...]

Now, for those who are a big fan of the Siamese cat breed but sometimes wish they weren’t always so “skinny” or had such a narrow face, we might have a cat that could be just right for you because the Snowshoe cat breed is a breed that was created by mixing a Siamese cat [...]

The Abyssinian, or Aby as it is commonly referred to, is arguably one of the oldest and most popular pedigreed cats in the world (as confirmed by the Cat Fanciers Association), but that doesn’t change the fact that most Americans have no idea what an Abyssinian cat is and why they should want to own [...]